Creating Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaign Planning

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A Digital Marketing plan is a written document that describes your business’ promotional and branding strategies. When you’re ready to create your digital marketing plan, make sure it includes: 

  • What your business does
  • Who your customers are
  • How you plan to market to your target audience

digital marketing strategy

You may want to think about these digital marketing plan basics to help you get started with your strategy:


Present State Overview

This is the part where a full analysis is done on the present state of the brand on all digital marketing channels. This makes it easier to review and measure the progress made.

Determine Your Value Proposition

When you think about your business’s value proposition, ask yourself what makes it unique. Be sure to describe your business model, products or services, and who you’re trying to market to.

 You may also want to create a vision statement to include in your digital marketing plan. While a value proposition describes your business in the present time, a vision statement explains what your company wants to be. It describes how you want your employees and the public to see your business, and it shows the direction you want it to take.

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 Define Your Target Market

One of the six principles of small business advertising is defining your target market and customer. Knowing important information about your customers, like their age or gender, can help you see who wants your products.

 You can also collect customer insights to give you a better idea of what your customers think about your business. This kind of feedback can show you what’s working with your business and which areas may need improvement.

 Set Core Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Your digital marketing plan isn’t complete without marketing objectives. Your plan should include short- and long-term objectives, but don’t stop there. It’s a good idea to include a digital marketing strategy or digital marketing tactics with each objective, so it’s clear how your business plans to achieve each goal.

 Set a Budget

Your business’ marketing plan can be expensive, which is why setting a budget is important. Your plan can include the total cost, as well as a budget for digital marketing campaigns you want to run. You’ll know how much money you have to spend on different marketing methods, and you’ll lower your chance of overspending.

 After you set a budget and run your campaigns, you can measure ROI. Your return on investment can help compare how much profit your campaign generated with how much you spent to see if your digital marketing efforts were worthwhile. Even if you realize that one of your campaigns lost money, or had a negative ROI, this type of information is valuable to help you make necessary changes in your marketing strategy.


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