Best Social Media Management Tools

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Due to the broad definition of social media management and the wide range of social media management tools, it’s natural to wonder what social media management includes and the tools that will help make the jobs done faster. You want to know where you should focus your efforts, as well as how much time social media will require.

If you’re excited about getting started with social media, you can make the experience better with social media management tools. These paid and unpaid tools can help you schedule content, respond to comments, follow prospects, send messages, and more.

Social Media Management Tools


A few of the best social media management tools are:

Buffer: A paid tool, Buffer can help you manage social accounts, establish a posting schedule, schedule social media posts, and more. Plus, it’s available as a mobile app to make social media management hassle-free.

Hootsuite: Another paid social media management tool, Hootsuite helps you manage all your social media platforms. You can reply to user questions and comments across channels, and monitor your social media strategy’s performance via analytics.

CoSchedule: A paid tool, CoSchedule focuses on more than managing your social media. Schedule your social media posts, as well as build content calendars, publish blog posts, and more.

Texau: This tool helps convert your website visitors into leads. It can comment, follow, like profiles across social media platforms. All you need to do is automate the right recipe.

LIprospect: This is mainly for LinkedIn automation. If used properly it can connect with prospects on the Linkedin network, and start a digital marketing touch sequence that converts these prospects into leads.

There are some apps that are designed to work best with a single network, TweetDeck for Twitter is one of them while Later for Instagram is the other. They are worth considering if you want to prioritize your marketing efforts on a single platform.

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